Sunday at the Park

july 2013 046 july 2013 005 july 2013 011 july 2013 057 july 2013 092

I decided I needed to do a photo shoot with my favorite boy today. I bought the helium tank 2 months ago and decided today was the day we would use it. We went to one of our favorite local parks and pulled in just as the rain started to come. Thank goodness it only lasted a couple of minutes.

My plan was to hand out the balloons to the children at the park and give their parents my business cards. Most of the people at the park cleared out with the rain but I did have a chance to meet a handful of nice families and beautiful children. I also got to take some awesome photos of my superstar. I can’t wait to edit them.

I have appointments available for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  I will have more appointments available starting August 20th. If you refer a family and they book an appointment with me I will give you 20% off your purchase.


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