My Hagerstown Visit

Jord Kendy bub and liv

I got to spend my Hagerstown visit surrounded by some really cute kiddos. The four above are my nieces and nephews. This is the first time ever our children have all been together at the same time and we can thank that cutie in the middle for making that happen.

I always have several photo sessions when I go back to Maryland. I am so grateful for my clients. My Maryland clients patiently wait for me to return to have their family photos taken. I usually only go back twice a year. I really appreciate their loyalty.

Although, it is sad to leave my hometown it is so nice to be home.

I have 2 more weeks of holiday photo sessions. It is sad to see the season end for the year. However, it will be nice not to have to scrub the glitter off of me from my holiday props. I have never been covered in so much glitter in my entire life. lol

Have a sparkly night. I know I will.

More photos to come.


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